Jacaranda Preschool offer two classrooms:

  • Gumgali Room – for children aged 3-4 years,
  • Guri-Guri Room – for children aged 4-6 years.

Our program offers collaborative and independent project-based learning which allows children to develop important learning dispositions and school readiness skills. We support children to work towards developing their: emotional regulation; cognitive functioning; social skills; language, literacy and numeracy skills; sensory processing skills; and physical development (both fine and gross motor).

We have an emergent curriculum based upon the Early Years Learning Framework that implements both planned and intentional experiences as well as spontaneous learning opportunities where teachable moments are extended to further enhance children’s learning and knowledge. We encourage children’s agency and voice in our program and support children to develop their self-help and independence skills.

Our dedicated educators engage, nurture and support every child to strive to be the best they can. They observe and extend each child’s play and learning dispositions, where their own interests and emerging abilities become the foundation of our program. We offer a flexible routine, that caters for all children’s needs and allows for predictability in their day.

Explore through play-based learning

We know that children learn effectively through play which is a fundamental component of our curriculum. Pretending, creating and helping allows children to discover new things. Play helps children learn about themselves and can support learning across physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas of development.

Care about our environment

Jacaranda Preschool is passionate about sustainability. We believe in supporting children to appreciate and care for the environment by embedding sustainable practices into our daily teaching.

To empower our sustainability program, we encourage our children to make a difference, enabling them to learn and appreciate their environment in a fun and exciting way. We do this by engaging children in discussion about sustainable practices, encouraging them to participate in a recycling program, reducing energy and conserving water. We aim to provide children with the skills and knowledge required to become environmentally responsible.

Embrace a cul tural and inclusive community

At Jacaranda Preschool we are dedicated to developing culturally accepting connections, securing solid foundations, sharing history and being compassionate in building trust and respectful relationships between children, staff, families, and communities.

We strive to value, embrace, nurture, and respect all individual’s cultural identities, languages and values, and make sure everyone feels welcome, included, supported and has a sense of belonging at Jacaranda Preschool.

View our Reconciliation Action Plan.

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Jacaranda Preschool is a thriving early childhood education centre that provides a creative, fun and safe place where little minds can let their imagination run wild.

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